What is IPS Glow

In-Plane Switching or IPS glow is a phenomenon that details the observed glow on the corners of the IPS panel. Any or every IPS monitor, no matter what brand is taken for, gets caught with IPS glow. The monitor starts emitting a glow on the edges; it gets easily visible when you see the monitor screen in the dark mode.

The usual cause of such glow is the excessive light getting through the display of the screen panel. This glow can be reduced in several ways to a limit to make the screen work bit better. It depends upon the knowledge you may have and the understanding to solve such an issue.

Factors Causing IPS Glow

Typically, there may be several reasons behind the IPS glow issue, and we detail a few for a better understanding.

  • The main reason behind IPS glow is the technical manufacturing fault while producing IPS monitors.
  • The light needs to be passed through the IPS panel’s background to float images on the screen. When unnecessary light is emitted, it turns the emitting light into an IPS glow.
  • The IPS monitor is of substandard quality and would cause IPS to glow at any time.

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What Does It Do?

Because it is a common issue occurring to IPS monitors, you will see light patches on the screen during the dark mode. The colors in the IPS glow region are distorted. Although when you see the same region at an angle or distance, it may change the effects. It is caused due to the tech used in the IPS monitor models, and the variations and severity ratios fluctuate from model to model. The emitting glow may be a little yellowish, brownish, or sometimes greyish, but it differs from model to model.

Can We Test for IPS Glow?

It is a common phenomenon with IPS monitors. You, as a buyer, need to be sure that your bought IPS monitor will not show any signs of IPS glow in your new monitor. Although it can be a serious issue, you may be able to return the IPS monitor to the vendor.

But if you want to test the monitor for IPS glow, turn the room’s lights on low level and gaze through the IPS monitor screen. If your room is darker, the IPS glow gets better visible. If your IPS monitor shows a serious and extended IPS glow that could be visible even in the normal light or bright room.

Backlight Bleed Vs IPS Glow

Backlight bleeding is a hardware issue. The light is expanded and goes through the corners of the monitors. IPS glow quite different from backlight bleeding. In backlight bleeding, pixels look fine, but some areas get brighter than the rest of the screen, and if they are towards the corner, that means the monitor has the issue of backlight bleeding. In contrast, the IPS glow is caused by the light patches on the corners of the screen due to unnecessary discharging of the light and gets more easily visible if the room is kept darker.

How to Fix IPS Glow?

Typically, the monitor owners see it quite late, or IPS glow appears quite late. And you are unable to return the IPS monitor to the vendor and exchange it. But still, if it occurs, it is not an issue that you cannot try; figure out and try correcting it. Let us see a few ways that may be applied to reduce the IPS glow effect:

  • One way of dealing with the IPS glow issue is to place the monitor at a distance of around 100 to 130 centimeters, which would reduce the IPS glow effect. The same way you can adjust the height and tilt of the monitor until the position gets right would help reduce the IPS glow effect. You can also fix and install the monitor on the wall to check if the IPS glow effect is reduced and in most cases, hanging the monitor on the wall helps reduce the IPS glow effect.
  • You can start working in more ambient lights. That means you can increase the surrounding lights to marginalize the IPS glow. The more the darker room, the higher the IPS glow gets more visible. If your surroundings do not have ample light, shift your monitor to the room with brighter lights.
  • If your room does not have ambient light and is darker, you can adjust the monitor darkness to a higher level and reduce brightness to a lower level. The benefit of doing that results in saving your eyes from damage and protecting them.
  • One other way but technically a difficult way to handle IPS glow is by opening the plastic edges of the screen carefully and loosening it. It might help in reducing the IPS glow effect. You can also take it to the computer hardware store to loosen it up to reduce the IPS glow effect.

Unlike backlight bleeding, IPS glow is an easily manageable issue and can be reduced quite easily. But obviously, the IPS glow is a little annoying, and whenever it gets visible, the distortion gets annoying while watching a video, generating graphical content, or doing graphical designing. But it should not be muddled with backlight bleeding, which produces the effects of leaking light from the edges of the screen panel.

Conclusion: What is IPS Glow?

IPS glow is a common phenomenon that occurs on laptops, desktop monitors, tablets, and mobile screens. It is a controllable issue, and with a few tricks and steps, you can easily manage the IPS glow issue. Should you be living your life with it? No! You can manage it unless you decide to buy a new screen or monitor and replace it with the old one.

Remember! Always test your monitor before finally buying it. If the monitor shows IPS glow after purchase and with warranty, contact your vendor or manufacturer for replacement. Furthermore, if it may not appear in the next few weeks after purchase, the IPS glow is not there on the screen or is not detectable.

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