September17 , 2021

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy 2021 – Here is everything you need to know about


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An alert from WhatsApp informing the users about the latest changes in the policy related to privacy. As we know the applications are in the continuous process to improve or change policies to give a better user experience. Similarly, the change in the WhatsApp privacy policy needs acceptance from the users to continue with the usage.

As everyone is aware that WhatsApp is now in the ownership of Facebook. Further, the latest changes in the privacy policies pop up on the screens of the users from the management. They need to give their intent if willing to continue the use further. The new policy changes will be applicable from the 8th of February 2021.

The concern that comes from the user’s side is all about the data sharing. They are curious to know what kind of data will be shared with the companies and what will they do with that data. The purpose of the policy changes is to link the data of the user with Facebook to improve the business scope. Many users are switching towards the other alternative sources to use instead of agreeing with the latest WhatsApp policy changes.

As per the new policy changes, “as a part of the Facebook family of companies, WhatsApp receives and shares information with the family of companies”.

Further, they add up that, “we may use the information shared with them and receive information from them for the better support, market services, improve understanding and our services.” If the user will accept the policy changes then only.

It causes a restless feeling in the people who are concerned that may be their private information or data will be going to share with Facebook. So, it is important here to know the true meaning and get an understanding of what actually they are going to offer.

WhatsApp new privacy policy changes!

According to the WhatsApp policy changes it is reported that there is no change in the privacy and data sharing with Facebook. The new changes did not alter the current practice at all or it does not relate with the WhatsApp practice to share the user’s private information like family or friend’s communication. It is just to improve the latest social, business, and support practices.

At the time of the policy changes announcement the spokesperson clearly said that WhatsApp is so much committed towards the users and to protect their privacy. They are communicating officially about the changes and only a user will be able to continue the use after the acceptance of policy changes. Unfortunately, if the person will not accept the changes not able to use the services any longer until acceptance.

The purpose of the changes is to facilitate users around the world to get more ease. Moreover, this year it is planned to move WhatsApp with the umbrella of Instagram and messenger by improving the business facility. Further, the changes are expected to bring in WhatsApp that people will be able to send and receive the money through their accounts as they share pictures and other stuff.

In future development plans, Facebook plans to offer a safe and secure payment transfer system. Just as the other application around the world like WeChat offering the payment system, sooner Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will become a safe and secure way to share money.

Changes in the privacy policy: what’s new?

After the changes, it is important to learn what kind of changes are going to happen in WhatsApp and how they will affect the user. Here are some key points that will help to know the answers:

  • The policy elaborates the purpose of the sharing of the data is to improve the business and user interaction between the platforms. As Facebook is already working over the Instagram and messenger collaboration, it requires to bring WhatsApp on the same page.
  • People will share and receive more information about things and it improves the communication system for business. The changes are all because of business improvement or offer clear monetization.
  • There is no change in the current user’s privacy intent that the data, communication between friends, and family is completely secure. WhatsApp did not store or save the data or messages, it automatically deleted from the server once delivered.
  • Moreover, some think that WhatsApp will show up with some ads or other such kind of material. But in reality, there are no such plans right now. The purpose is to improve the data sharing facility with Facebook to improve the business and advertisement experience.
  • The reason for the data sharing is to improve the user experience, provide more security, and avoiding spam. The owner of Facebook has the vision to bring the platforms altogether for making a strong monetized system. As it was discussed that the planning is to make the system more advance and offer services to share secure and easy payments in the future.
  • After the policy application, WhatsApp only shares the information of the user’s mobile number, name, account registration information, IP address, or device level. The data sharing is already happening and the purpose is to improve the business transaction and increase the progress scope.

Final consideration!

Every user of WhatsApp receiving the notification and separate privacy policy acceptance notification. The purpose of sharing is to get the willingness of the user to agree with the new policy and continue using the services. It will be applicable in February 2021 and if someone did not want to accept it will not be able to use the services any longer.

It is more dependent on the person’s intent to agree or not agree with the changes. If someone willing to use the services, then it is important to agree, or if not then you have an open choice to leave or deactivate your account. There is multiple other application available that are providing the services and open the room for the users as per their ease.