September17 , 2021

Will big tech accelerate self-driving cars?


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The cars without drivers were fantasy in the previous century. Now, this fantasy has become reality. The big names like Tesla have succeeded in bringing self-driving vehicles. However, tech experts consider that there is a need to bring more normal and reliable vehicles into the market at a reasonable cost. 

Big tech has contributed a lot to the innovative global world. Now, big tech companies are motivated to revolutionize the automobile industry. Big tech includes larger tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. The mission of big tech is to monetize the automotive market with Artificial intelligence (AI). The teamwork of automobiles and tech sector is considered to manufacture the most awaiting products. 

Why big tech is reliable?

Experts and automotive manufacturers have associated more expectations since the big tech companies have shown interest in self-driving cars. 

  • Google – the big tech player still stands alone in the race of search engines due to its efficient and accurate search technology.
  • Facebook has been proved the most influential social media network. 
  • The market of tech gadgets and communication devices is prevalent by Apple. Apple is considered a trend-setter in the tech-world. 
  • Microsoft is the most influencing Window’s manufacturer.
  • Amazon carries the mastery in the e-commerce and catches customers globally.

The expertise of the big tech can help to produce a self-driving car that is more accessible and safer to people. 

How do autonomous cars work?

The basic technology of autonomous cars is already in use by the automobile industry. A front-crash prevention system has been usedin the vehicles to warn the drivers for several years. A crash prevention system enables the car brakes to apply if the driver has not reacted fast. 

The latest automatic cars feature self-parking and steering where the driver has to take control of the accelerator and brake pedals only. This fast technology has made driving easy for beginners as well.

Furthermore, Drive Pilot technology features the control of speed and steering to the automatic system in the vehicle while the driver keeps operating the other functioning of the car.

Autonomous cars work based on cameras all around the car. The basic function of the cameras is to track all objects around the car and maintain a distance from the hurdles. The built-in computers in the vehicle are fed with all driving rules that will help the driverless car to move on the road confidently. The technology idea seems simple to explain but becomes complicated when talking about creation and performance.

Big tech & Future of self-driving cars

Big tech companies are struggling in transforming the automobile industry. The mission is to introduce vehicles without drivers as a more acceptable and accessible option. Have a look at some of the self-driving projects:

  • Waymo

Google joined the automotive industry through its project to drive autonomously in 2009. The first trial of the project was accelerated on the road with an uninterrupted 100-mile route. Later on, Waymo joined Alphabet to perform in the autonomous automobile industry, in 2016. 

  • Amazon Zoox Robotaxi 

Zoox is a self-driving company supervised by Amazon. In the mid of December 2020, the e-commerce player launched a self-driving robotaxi. The car’s sitting is carriage styled where passengers face each other. The car can drive up to 75 miles per hour. The car can drive for 16 hours after a single charge. The test drive is continued in the cities of the United States to reach the milestone in the history of auto-driving cars.

  • Apple

Apple has also plunged into the race of Automobiles carrying artificial intelligence. In 2017, Apple CEO announced publically some of its efforts in the streamline of driverless cars. The communication Giant-Apple launched 70 driverless cars on the roads in the mid of 2017 to test the success of its project. 

  • Microsoft

Microsoft joined the auto industry with a novel mindset. The vision of the window’s manufacturer is to:

Empower connected vehicle solution: The goal can be accomplished through Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP). The platform is designed to get connected with cloud and in-vehicle computing services with the help of partner networks.

Enable creation of smart mobility solutions: Partner companies are struggling to build a reliable supply chain of vehicles through intelligent marketing, and sales services.

Major barriers

The future of self-driving cars is bright but it will take a longer time to run these cars on the roads. Various barriers are on the way to the launch of driverless cars. Have a look at a few of those:

  • Self-driving cars will change the driving art. It is difficult to convince the drivers to hand over the control to the vehicle and travel as a passenger.
  • Many automobile hubs are not efficient enough to produce driverless cars. It will make the sustenance and existence of the brand difficult in the market.
  • People in favor of manual car driving will hardly be attracted to the tech product.
  • The association of the big tech with the auto industry is itself a greater issue. Nearly all big tech companies are facing privacy issues. The road to more safer and reliable driverless cars sometimes seems longer due to the privacy issues already big tech companies facing.

Bottom line

Big tech companies have surely accelerated the development of driverless cars. It seems that tech giants do not want to miss the innovation in the auto industry. The positive side of the mirror is that people trust in the big tech companies as they have proved their best in the respective sectors. The entrance of the big tech in the development of self-driving cars will increase the trust and reliability of the tech product. 

On the other side, the existence of the big tech in the auto industry can cause greater privacy issues with the usage of in-car computers, cloud connectivity, and artificial intelligence technology. However, Car culture will get changed completely when you will experience traveling without a driver with passengers only. It will cut down the transportation costs and usage of fossil fuels as well.